post 56

went to indy to see emily yesterday. smoking a cigar today to celebrate “world no tobacco day“. going shooting to brush up on my skills (never know when i might need them) tomorrow. overall, a fairly decent weekend.

post 55

silly me forgot to fix my hyperlinks to open in “_top” when i did the iframes bit, so i got that fixed. also, i’m going to indy today. yea!

post 54


post 53

messed with the news pages again. i like this way better, don’t you? to view all of the old news, click the “news” link above.

post 52

i tweaked the index page. aren’t iframes cool?

post 51

first day of work. how exciting!

post 50

went out and saw the matrix 2 thursday night. that movie is killer! can’t wait for the third movie! everything else is pretty boring.

post 49

i’m home and i’ve finally got my computer up and on the internet. the webcam will be down for a bit longer while i figure out where to put it.

post 48

i get to go back home tomorrow. yea! no more vincennes! the webcam will be down tomorrow and maybe monday while i move and get everything set up at home.

post 47

i guess i’ll be getting my mcse packet in the mail here soon. :-)