post 44

i am now a+ certified… yea!

post 43

everything calm, happy. totally relaxed and at ease with the world :-)
in an unrelated subject, i have another job interview tuesday morning. i think i’ll see how this goes before i give 1up a decision.

post 42

i got offered a job today. :-D

post 41

i’m back and the webcam should be back up. happy easter (i said that earlier…) and happy 04/20! oh yeah… that means tomorrow is mom’s birthday.

post 40

going home for easter break. won’t be back until sunday evening. happy easter!

post 39

emily is back! yea! :-D

post 38

emily went home… :-(

post 37

  1. i am back
  2. i survived
  3. experiment over

post 36

i am going home today because i have to have my wisdom teeth cut out tomorrow. how fun is that? i won’t be back at school until sunday afternoon. send me a card or something. yeah.

post 35

i got an email yesterday asking for a second interview. that’s good, right? :-)