post 33

no word about the job yet. kinda getting worried. otherwise, no news i want to share with you.

post 32

job interview went well… i think… i hope. i plan on adding more stuff to the downloads page here soon.

post 31

yea! i have a job interview wednesday… i’m so happy. wait, that means another 7 hour round trip drive! holy cow!

post 30

i’m back from spring break. :-( it was fun while it lasted… in case you were wondering, the webcam is now back up. yea!

post 29

i added a picture gallery to the site, and i did it the easy way. none of this “i have to have a sql database for my pictures” bull.
p.s. beware the ides of march!

post 28

you know what I think is funny? at the age of 18 in the state of indiana one can obtain a handgun permit, yet one may not purchase a handgun or ammunition for a handgun until the age of 21.

post 27

i have a picture of my new handgun.

post 26

ha! that a+ test was a breeze! it took me less than 9 minutes to get a 100 percent.

post 25

i have the a+ hardware test today at 1. after that, i am going to tom’s in ohio for spring break. i’ll be available after tuesday.

post 24

after much delay and procrastination jon finally got his much awaited banner done. if you want to see it refresh this page a few times.