post 21

i went home this weekend. it was a nice break from vincennes, indiana; probably because i hadn’t left in six weeks. oh yeah, it’s my half birthday and jon’s birthday and tomorrow is my sister’s birthday. yea!

post 20

ok guys, some of you really need to stop sending me messages about how much my site stinks. “your design is unimaginative and boring” “the one banner you did make is so simplistic that it makes me stupider when i look at it.” i really don’t need that! i’m a republican, not an artist for pete’s sake!

post 19

no school today due to very bad weather. how cool! :-)

post 18

valentine’s day… yeah. the only people i got things from were emily, my parents, and my grandmother’s church, but thats ok. i don’t hate the rest of you for not sending me something.

post 17

i don’t think some people really know how busy i am so i posted my partial calendar. it is only partial because my schedule is always changing and frankly i don’t plan on updating this often.

post 16

this past week overall has been hell. there were three arrests in my wing for drug-related offences. good news for you all, i added some links that you’ll definitely want to try out.

post 15

the webcam now has its own page.

post 14

i put up a webcam on the about me page.