post 13

my new 60 gb hard drive came in! yea!

post 12

i added my resume and a new banner.

post 11

i just found out that i’ll be working as a tutor again for the tech dept. soon i’ll have the money for both a new hard drive and that colt 1911a1 i’ve been wanting.

post 10

i had to sell my soul and my first born to microsoft today. $180 for the microsoft official curriculum books i had to buy for one class!

post 9

well, one week down, 15 to go. so far classes are looking pretty good. i still haven’t gotten two of the books i need. i heard that they came in today, so i’ll go buy them tomorrow.

post 8

i made a few changes to the download page.

post 7

i started a contest. if you want to make a banner for this website click the link above.

post 6

i added a random banner rotator on the main page.

post 5

i finally got my internet access hooked-up in my room. boy, was that a pain. i changed the layout of the news so that the newest stuff is at the top. also, i added a simple random wep key maker to the downloads page.

post 4

well, no internet access in the room so i have to used the computer lab for updates. i hate having to use these slow machines. also, the bookstore didn’t have all of the books i need.