after 6 calendar months, 75 flight hours, and lots and lots of cash…

add airplane single engine land to the list of vehicles the government says i can operate.

i passed the checkride this past thursday!


a couple of weeks ago i got to solo for the first time.

one of the coolest things i’ve ever done.

you’re too late

my job search is over. better luck next time.

more flying!

instead of continuing to post for every flight, i just made a youtube playlist that i’ll update.


flight school shopping has begun

while i have nothing better to do during weekdays, why not fly a little?

new opportunities

anyone looking for a senior unix/linux guy or team lead? i know of a great guy looking for new opportunities!

the sky’s the limit

i did ground school and passed my written test in october, and i passed my faa medical yesterday.  all that’s left is to fly.  if all goes to plan, 2015 will be the year of my private pilot’s license.  wish me luck.

my triumphant return

after two years, six months, and ten days i’m back.

i’ve quit facebook and will return to posting my inane babbling here instead of there. maybe. we’ll see.

regardless of if i start blogging more or not, my contact information will always be kept updated here.

riding wet

i had my first real experience riding through weather today. i had ridden through short, light showers before, but nothing that would even make the wicked witch of the west sweat. today was different: today i rode half of a 140 mile trip through torrential rain and thunderstorms.

the worst part was the wind. there was a crosswind so bad at one point that the amount i had to lean the bike into it just to keep going straight made me nervous enough to pull off the interstate and wait 15 minutes at a gas station for the wind to calm down. and then there were the headwinds strong enough to make the rain sting through my leather jacket.

the rain itself really wasn’t that bad. once i made it through the five stages of grief and accepted that i’d be wet and cold for a couple of hours, it actually was kind of fun. that’s not to say that i’d do it again if i didn’t have to.

almost riding weather

i got my bike out from winter hibernation tonight in preparation for really nice weather tomorrow. having not ridden in months i couldn’t just ride the mile from the storage place back home, i had to go for a short ride around town. it might have been a mistake. it’s pretty cold out tonight and now my fingertips feel like ice cubes.